Washer/Dryer installation

Washer/Dryer installation

from 425.00

We offer a flat rate for installation of any washer or/and dryer machine.
Price varies, depending on the configuration of installation your building require.
Our technician will arrive on time and the job will be done in the best workman manner.

  • A washer/dryer machine installation on the place

  • Hot, cold and drain hookup

  • Dryer vent hookup*

  • Providing a drip pan*

  • An overflow sensor installation*

  • Complete test

Stop Leak Equipment:
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What is covered by this price

- Delivery of all additional equipment such as drip pan, overflow sensor, check valves
- New washer/dryer installation
- Hookup of all necessary water and drain connections
- 1 Year warranty
- Certificate of insurance